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Many of us do things each day to improve our health. We get the right amount of sleep, participate in regular exercise and take a variety of vitamin and mineral supplements to improve both our overall health and a slew of specific medical conditions. Although most people, when considering these supplements, think of vitamins like E, A and D, as well as minerals such as calcium and magnesium, many of us are overlooking a lesser-known but very effective item to keep us healthy – apple cider vinegar.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has been used for centuries to ward off a host of ailments and prevent disease. It is made from raw, organic apples and purified water. As these two are its only ingredients, apple cider vinegar is extremely healthy and good for you. This type of vinegar is raw, unfiltered and undiluted. It contains no preservatives and is only 5% acidic. Used also for culinary purposes, organic apple cider vinegar can be used as a beauty aid and also as a preventive method to ward off certain illnesses.

Apple cider vinegar is used to get rid of and even prevent indigestion. It also gives you energy, makes it easier to lose weight, soothes stomach ailments, helps with dandruff, soothes sore throats, reduces “bad” cholesterol, gets rid of hiccups and helps clear nasal passages when you have a cold or the flu. Since apple cider vinegar is in its “raw” form, the vinegar can look a little cloudy in the bottle; however, this is perfectly normal. Since it is in this raw form, there is also no need to refrigerate the product.

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The term “organic” has specific meanings so when you purchase this type of apple cider vinegar, you know you are getting a product that is non-GMO certified, Kosher certified, unpasteurised and unfiltered. The vinegar contains the amazing “mother” of vinegar, which means it is formed from strand-like, naturally occurring chains of protein enzyme molecules. It has been used for centuries for its health and nutritional benefits.

Where to Find Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be purchased almost anywhere, but the best type of apple cider vinegar is the type that is certified organic. These products can easily be found on the Internet, and there are also dozens of websites that can give you a plethora of information on the many, many uses of apple cider vinegar. You can purchase apple cider vinegar directly off the Internet, as many companies exist that carry the product. These companies’ websites allow you to research the product, as well as view it online and receive detailed information on its uses as well as pricing information. Apple cider vinegar, including the organic kind, is inexpensive and usually costs less than $8 for a bottle.

Companies that sell apple cider vinegar usually offer a money-back guarantee and a way to purchase the product on a secure site so that your personal financial information is protected. Ordering online is usually the fastest and least complicated way to order your apple cider vinegar.