Yeast infection or candidiasis can affect various body organs: the skin, mouth, throat, blood and genitals. This infection is caused by excessively rapid growth of yeasts known as Candida albicans. In small amounts these yeasts are found in the body of a healthy person; however, due to various factors (prolonged antibiotic use, certain health problems), Candida albicans starts growing and causes serious consequences that require drug treatment. More information about medications that treat yeast infections can be found on

One of the most common yeast infections is vaginal candidiasis, sometimes a man can get this infection from his female partner. Yeast infection treatment is always aimed at suppressing harmful growth of Candida in the body and requires complex approach. The course of treatment and specific medications are administered individually for each patient and depend on the infection severity. One can buy cheap drugs for candidiasis treatment online.

Uncomplicated infections with infrequent episodes and mild or moderate symptoms can be treated with:

• Over-the-counter medications. Over-the-counter creams and vaginal suppositories are quite effective. Treatment lasts from 3 to 7 days.
• Single-dose oral medications. A single dose of an antifungal preparation with fluconazole as its active ingredient can be prescribed by a doctor. To manage severe symptoms two single doses of fluconazole can be taken three days apart.

• Short-course vaginal treatment. Doctor might prescribe a one- to seven-day regimen of an antifungal ointment, cream, suppository or tablets, such as clotrimazole, terconazole, butoconazole and miconazole.

Complicated yeast infection treatment involves:

• Long-course vaginal treatment. Vaginal creams, suppositories, tablets or ointments containing azole antifungals are administered for seven to fourteen days.
• Multidose oral preparations. Two or three fluconazole doses can be administered orally instead of vaginal therapy.
• Maintenance medications. A medication routine to prevent future infections and yeast overgrowth can be prescribed in the case of recurrent yeast infections. It can include oral fluconazole tablets or vaginal suppositories with Clotrimazole taken once a week for six months.