We present a few good DIY tips for bikini line waxing at home, for the best results this summer.

The summer heat is making most of us stay indoors, while a few adventurous ones are going to the beach or booking holidays in cooler climes. If you’re a beach babe, you’re probably already packing for a holiday in a beach town halfway across the world. While this is a great idea, it involves a lot of planning and personal prep before the trip is underway – and a key area is bikini line hair removal.

The best bikini must be complemented with toned limbs and sun-kissed, smooth skin that radiates good health. And this needs the most effective hair removal so that your skin is visibly smooth and glowing. You may certainly use a depilatory cream to get hair-free skin, but waxing works out better for swimsuit season.

Why? Because waxing keeps the hair away for a longer time, so that you don’t need to do it again for at least three to four weeks. The hair that grows back is finer and sparser than before, so subsequent hair removal becomes easier. The only reason why many women keep away from waxing is the fear of pain as the hair is pulled out from the roots.

Bikini line hair removal is – let’s just be honest here – quite painful. The bikini zone is quite sensitive, though the hair growth in the area is coarse and thick. Waxing is often the best way to remove the hair from this area, but most women are unable to do this by themselves. But before you book a salon appointment, you could consider a few DIY bikini waxing at home measures to prepare for swimsuit season:

Exfoliate the area. Cleaning the bikini zone prior to starting helps get better results from the waxing session. Use a mild soap and a loofah, and exfoliate the area by scrubbing gently. Exfoliating removes dead skin and makes the skin more amenable to waxing.

Pop a painkiller. If you have sensitive skin or a lower threshold for pain, it is best to numb the area prior to waxing. You can ice it to numb the skin, or use a non-sticky numbing cream 10 minutes prior to starting. Or you can simply pop a painkiller 30 minutes before you begin, so that you will not feel the pain so much.

Do as the box says. Apply each strip firmly on the skin and pull away in one smooth motion against the direction of hair growth. You can use the same strip at least three times before you discard it for another one.

Clean up afterwards. Use the cleaning wipes provided with the box to remove excess wax.

Wear loose cotton pants. Let the waxed skin breathe. Wear loose cotton pants or shorts for at least two days after bikini waxing at home.