Steroids always have some or the other type of side effects on the human body. Anabolic types of steroids are stronger in terms of steroid types. Anapol is an anabolic type of steroid and is one of the strongest drugs for building body muscles. Many body builders and athletes use this steroid for building lean muscles faster with improved stamina and strength. This drug helps in retaining the nitrogen within the body cells, which helps in improving the performance strength and stamina of human body. Due to these positive effects many body builders and athletes use this steroid. This drug also increases the metabolism rate of person and repairs the damage cells, muscles, or any tissues of the human body. This drug is typically available to use in the oral form. With the positive outcomes of this steroid, negative side effects are also associated. The side effects of this drug are severe and sometimes the person’s life is at stake. Some of the severe health risks involved using these drugs are liver damage,  kidney damage, multi organs failure, negative impact on one’s sexual function, negative impact on the production of sperms, heart failure, and many more. In some countries due to these negative effects on the health of a person, this drug is illegal to use unless specified by a physician for medical reasons. Lear more about the anapolon side effects.

What negative effects can be seen with human body?

Before one is planning to use this drug one needs to review the negative effects of this drug. Some negative effects caused by this drug are for short-term and long-term. In women the side effects are changes in the physical appearances such as increase in the facial hair growth, change in the voice, irregular menstruation cycles, and sometimes infertility. In men there might be reduction in the sperm count, increase in the productions of toxins in the pancreas and liver. Some people even experience psychological experience. Many people even experience the mood swings and some might develop aggression and anger. People also experience the problems related to hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. There are chances of having the long-term anapol side effects i.e. experiencing hepatitis. This drug is illegal to use in some countries. The act of this drug is similar to testosterone. This drug increases the estrogen levels due to which some men might experience a condition of enlargement of male breasts. People already facing issues with the blood pressure are not recommended to use this drug as this drug increases the blood pressure of a person which might result in malfunctioning of heart. Some people might experience delusions and other neurological problems like depression. Some short-term effects might even affect the person’s professional and personal relationship. The other non-severe side effects are lack of sleep which makes the person insomnia, dehydration, random abdominal pain. If this drug is prescribed by the physician for the treatment of medical ailment, the problems related to sleep can be avoided. To avoid the condition of insomniac the person needs to take the dosage first in the morning. Excess dosage of the drug can lead to loss of a human life.