The term superfoods is fast catching up with the trend today of a fit and healthy life style. But what exactly does it mean? By definition these are known to be that class of foods which go beyond just providing nutrition. These foods are known to have properties that help is preventing certain diseases. For example one of the very well known type of super food is the blue berry. This is because of a special compound called pterostilbene present in it. Due to this the blue berries are known to provide multiple benefits to our body in terms of health. The blue berries are known to be a powerhouse of anti oxidants and phyto flavinoids. These are known to lower the risk of heart diseases, cancer and also reduce aging thereby promoting longevity.

As discussed above the positive effects blue berries have are due to the presence of an important compound called the pterostilbene. But how does this compound effect our body and aid in good health? The cells in our body have an enzyme called AMPK that is 5’ adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase responsible for cellular energy production. The enzyme produces ATP molecules used by the cells for energy and growth. The compound pterostilbene affects the enzymatic pathway of AMPK which is known to decline with age. Now when the AMPK activity enhanced by taking this superfood rich in pterostilbene it results in longevity. There are other multiple benefits of pterostilbene as well. Pterostilbene has the ability to reduce anxiety and enhance your mood by regulating the release of dopamine. These are chemicals released in the brain that effects emotions and also sensations of pleasure and pain. Pterostilbene is also known to reduce the brain cell death rate associated with the Alzheimer’s disease. It also acts as a neuro modulator in patients with memory issues.

Daily dosage of supplements rich in pterostilbene have also been known to reduce the blood sugar level. This is the result of an increased activity of the blood sugar regulator in the liver tissue and also an increase in the AMPK activity. As per certain researches pterostilbene could also have anti cancer benefits as well. It could raise the rate of cell death in the effected cells decrease the production of new cancer cells. They also prevent the development of blood vessels which could further lead to the growth and movement of cancer cells. Pterostilbene is also known tone effective in improving eyesight. It protects the corneal epithelial cells from inflammation. It also reduces the damage caused due to stress and strain and prevents the condition of dry eye. Apart from these benefits pterostilbene is also linked to weight loss as well. In a research when the compound was administered to mice a notable reduction in the fat mass was shown. Due to the type of lifestyles we have today oxidation stress is the prime reason of aging faster in humans. Since pterostilbene is known to be a powerhouse of antioxidants when consumed in low doses helps relive cognitive and cellular stress thereby increasing life span.

Now how do we get the daily dose of the compound pterostilbene? These are natural found in blue berries, grape leaves, almonds, peanuts and coco. If there is no access to these then pterostilbene supplements are also an ideal alternative but ensure that they are consumed in recommended dosages only.