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Every few years, there are a few fields that explode with a bevy of jobs and a flow of demand. Right now, the health and fitness field is start to weigh on the job market levees – in a few years that levee will break and the ration of jobs to openings will be drastically skewed. This is why you may want to get your degree now. Once you graduate, you will be in the perfect position for one of these jobs. In this field, there are a lot of options. You can work directly with people, or you can stick behind in the lab. Whatever the case is, with a health and fitness degree you will be in the position to help humanity in profound ways. Here are five promising majors in health and fitness.

  1. Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the study of movement – particularly the way the body moves. With a degree in this field, you can go into the industry of in-depth exercise practice, like yoga, Pilates, or Gyrotonics. If you want to work at a Pilates center, your degree in kinesiology will give you a unique insight into the way your customers’ bodies work. Who knows, maybe one day you can be your own boss.

  1. Exercise Science

If you want to focus on exercise more specifically – not just the Eastern exercise fields, but also new trends in exercise, you may want to get your exercise science degree. With this degree, you will be an innovator in the exercise fields. With the rise of peoples’ interest in exercising, getting your degree now will give you the unique opportunity to have plenty of jobs waiting for you when you graduate from college.

  1. Rehabilitation Specialist

In many hospitals, there is a lack of quality rehabilitation specialists. These specialists are needed to get people back on their feet after injuries or catastrophic accidents. For instance, if someone was injured in an automobile crash, it may be your job to work with this individual to strengthen their muscles again, with the hopes that they can walk again or have normal mobility. As a rehabilitation specialist, you will be confronted with your fair share of challenges, but it will be worth it.

  1. Pediatrics

If you love working with kids, you may want to think of entering the pediatrics field. In pediatrics, you will either work as a doctor or you may work in the research field discovering cures for diseases that affect children. To get your degree in this field, you may want to explore degree programs from GW Online or another college that can allow you the opportunity to build a foundation for your future career in pediatrics.

  1. Health Informatics

On top of everything, you could enter the hospital setting without needing a medical degree. Indeed, if you are good at computers, you could get your health informatics degree, which will allow you the opportunity to work in the technology aspect of the health field. In the end, this can be just as exciting have having a medical degree.