The Caribbean medical university school of medicine has a US based course of study. It is situated in the Curaçao Island, in the Southern Caribbean Sea. After the four years of medical training, the candidates are rewarded with the degree of Doctor of Medicine (M.D). The Caribbean is one of the most alluring places in the world and inspires the student to engross themselves in the natural beauty with a world-class medical education.

Benefits of the Medical University:

The remuneration charged at the Caribbean medical university school of medicine is considerably lesser than the other universities in the US or Canada. The application and selection procedure is also relaxing. With a flexible Medical College Admission Test or MCAT score and rolling admissions, it is accessible to many students aspiring to become a doctor. High USMLE rate is the evidence of the standard of education provided by the University. The first time passing rate of the USMLE is higher than the US average. An ample opportunity is given to the international students applying for medical education by the Caribbean medical university school of medicine. It has a vast opening and the admission can be done twice or thrice a year. With the clinical rotation in almost every hospital throughout the US, it opens up opportunities for the students, along with the hands-on experience of the practical world of health care.

Assistance Provided By the University to Reach Your Goal:

The International Boards have accredited the Caribbean medical university school of medicine, which enables the candidates to practice in the US and Canada. Scholarships are also offered to the students who have secured quality marks in their semesters. Securing a 3.75 GPA in a semester enables the candidate to get the scholarship in the next semester. Those who have the capability to serve people with their expertise and medical knowledge the Caribbean medical university is the appropriate place for them. Finance is the only hurdle to be crossed by the aspirants after confirming their seat in the medical college. Safe educational loans play an important role in the completion of the admission procedure. Not only the students of Canada and United States, India and students from other countries are also welcomed with open arms with this ultimate facility any university can provide.

Copious Opportunities to Prove Your Capability:

Application for the residency is the ultimate step for the medical students. The association of the medical college with a renowned hospital upgrades the quality of the research work, which has to be presented at the time of interview. The practical experience gained by the students will help them to understand the situations better and acts like on-job training. For the clinical clerkship in the United States, the mandatory the USMLE (the United States Medical Licensing Examination) has to be passed.

Even with the easy admission procedure, the program offered by the university is very strict, which can be accomplished by hard working and dedicated students. This will pay off after the successful completion of the course with a new prefixing title added to your name.