From Ageing to Surgical Assistance

Often we need help with ageing effects on our skin. We may chose the injection of skin repair substances or we may chose the more invasive surgical option. Whichever we chose, Curacen has been developed to assist both these approaches to improving skin related ageing. Firstly, the improvement of the skin’s deterioration.

From both simply ageing to the effects of UV light from the sun, our skin deteriorates to a point of sagginess and a great lack of elasticity. Both of these effects reduce the skin’s ability to produce collagen which is the substance that supports it and reduces the wrinkle effect. The elasticity of the skin allows it to be stretched, for example when smiling, and then to return to a smooth wrinkle-free state. This treatment has the ability to prompt the creation of new collagen which usually stops as we get older. Also, it improves the elasticity of the skin to prevent any further wrinkles.

The UV light also causes pigmentation in the skin. These are shade changes in patches over the surface of the skin which don’t repair on their own. With this treatment, the skin is whitened which removes these blemishes and with the elasticity and collagen, it is left smooth, clear and vibrant.

For some people, teenage acne leaves a lot of unattractive marks on the skin which remain for life as scar like tissue. This treatment, however, improves the new layers of skin production, so as the old skin dies away, the new skin is clear of marks, soft and radiant.

Like the marks from the sun, some people have hyper pigmentation. This is the changes of shade on the skin in a patchy form due to a high content of melanin. These are errors in the skin formation which are addressed with this treatment. After the course is given the skin will be left as one, clear tone and the effects of hyperpigmentation disappear.

Are you considering any plastic surgery, or even just had some? Then this can aid the process of rehabilitation. With other treatments like chemical peels, this treatment assists the improvement of the overall appearance. The peel removes old layers were the injection treats from the inside, rebuilding the skin cells and collagen. This is the same for dermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

To apply Curacen, inject 2ml of the solution just under the skin, three times a week for 2 weeks. These must be sub-dermal (under the skin) injections and not artery or deep muscular ones.

As an all-in-one treatment, the other benefits include fatigue improvement, liver illness applications and the derogatory effects of the menopause. So, if you have any of these along with skin imperfections, this will be perfect for you.