So, you want to measure your blood pressure at home, as visiting the doctor or a clinic seems time consuming? You also know that anyone can test blood pressure as technology has improved and there are a lot of devices to do this job in the comfort of your home. What next then? You will need a blood pressure monitor and that too, one that is accurate and gives right readings.

Clearly, your target should be to look and find only the best blood pressure monitor so that you can easily assess your health and take precautions, if any. Since there is a wide range of monitors available, it’s never easy to choose the best or the right one merely by either looking at the device or reading its specifications. This task is complex as there are just so many types and versions available in the market.

Here are some useful tips to choose the right monitor to test your blood pressure –

Choose the one that is easiest to use

While choosing the monitor, you need to look for one that is perhaps the easiest to use. That’s why, it makes sense to buy a fully automatic (digital) product as such monitors don’t require much of knowledge, except, of course, an ability to read. With an automatic monitor, even your grandpa and other senior citizens in the family can check their blood pressure without any assistance.

Decide between arm-band monitor and wrist-band one

Whether to buy an arm-band blood pressure checker or wrist-band one? This confuses many customers as they are not sure what to buy and why. To them, it’s advised to select a monitor that measures the blood pressure at the upper arm, rather than at the wrist or finger. Why so? Well, upper-arm monitors usually give the most accurate results. Plus, their results are mostly consistent.

Prefer the monitor that stores past readings

In most households, there are generally more than two or three people with hypertension, so having a basic device fails the purpose. You should rather look to find monitors with the ability to store readings for users ranging from one to six. Which means, there will be monitors to store 60 past readings or recordings, which is a good thing to have.

Select the one that records date and time for each reading

The first thing a health professional will ask is your BP reading. The second thing – the time and date. He/she would like to know past readings in an exact manner to understand your health batter. That’s why, it’s always a sensible decision to select a BP check machine or monitor that brings the same benefits.

Trust only an approved and tested monitor

It goes without saying that, you should trust only an approved and tested monitor for the testing of blood pressure. You must check the manufacturer’s website to see which medical authority or standards association has approved the device. Don’t buy the product if it does not adhere to any approved standards.