The knee replacement surgery has become the most common types of surgery. There are more than 2 lakh operations which are done in a year in United States alone. When you look cost wise knee replacement surgery in India is very cheap. There are many patients who come from United States and United Kingdom to get knee replacement in India. The knee injury is the most common problem which is prevalent among all age groups.

What is knee replacement surgery?

The Knee Replacement Surgery in India essentially means knee joint arthroplasty. This surgery is undertaken when the person is suffering from acute rheumatoid problems or osteoarthritis. This situation arises when the knees are worn out. In such cases a total knee replacement is required – there are many hospitals in India which provide this type of surgery.

In the knee surgery the damaged cartilages, damaged bones, shinbone and kneecap are removed and the same is replaced with an artificial joint. This prosthesis is made from metal alloys, polymers or plastic. The knee replacement cost in india surgery is supposed to be the safest surgery; so far India has seen a success rate of 90-95% in this surgery. In some cases the patient may have the problem of blood clotting, dislocation of the prosthesis and infections near the wound. The patient should keep the wound clean and dry and take proper drugs to overcome these problems. Once the surgery is done the person needs to take utmost care; they cannot do any kind of excessive activity which will cause further wear and tear of these replaced joints then it could loosen the artificial joints. The Knee Surgeons in India have established a niche for themselves and they vouch that these artificial joints have a life of atleast 15 years or may be more depending upon the working of the person.

Advantages of knee replacement in India

The corporate hospitals of India are compared with all top hospitals across the globe. In fact with the all the modern technology available easily these hospitals offers all the multi-specialty facilities which are available in United States and UK. As compared to western countries India offers world class facilities to the patients who come get the surgery done.

The main advantage of getting the knee replacement done in India is knee replacement surgery cost india is lows as compared to other countries. India has to its credit state of art hospitals and the best medical experts who have experience of several years in conducting such surgeries. It is said that the money which you save by getting the surgeries done in India is enough to enjoy a vacation in India. In United States and UK the approximate cost of knee replacement comes to about US$40,000. This same treatment without any change is easily provided in India at a quarter of this cost. In India the cost would be approximately US$6000-7000 depending upon the intensity of the case.

All these factors combined have made India a destination for medical tourism. There are patients from various parts of the world who seek solace with the medical experts in India to get their surgery done.