Therapist working with patient on hypnosis

Addiction, bad habits, fear, heartache, pain… the number of things we have to overcome to be the strongest versions of ourselves both mentally and physically is seemingly endless. Many people feel as if they are trapped in an endless cycle of almost overcoming only to experience something that results in succumbing to their old crutches, temptations, and addictions.

Addiction starts when a person ingests a substance or engages in activities that make them feel good, but then develop a compulsive need to continue, resulting in problems forming in other areas of your life, work, relationships, health etc. Many of these behaviours, like smoking, stress eating, gambling etc. started as a harmless temporary coping mechanism until they became a necessity or addiction.

Diana Pedersson, London-based and internationally acclaimed specialist Clinical Hypnotherapist London and NLP practitioner with over 20 years’ experience, has an unbelievable success rate in treating people with a range of problems, from habitual behaviours to anti-social behaviour and crippling phobias. Her ultimate goal when treating any patient is to provide them with the tools and ability to live more confident and positive lives.

Quit smoking, Lose weight, Gain control

One of Diana’s most recognised achievements is her incredible success rate from her Quit Smoking Program and Weight-loss Programs, which has received a large amount of attention since featuring on BBC’s Dr Pam Sturr Show as well as in popular publications, including The Financial Times, The Times, The Observer, The Sunday Express, Woman & Home and YOU Magazine.

This is breaking the habit without side effects like pain, stress, weight gain or irritability- After only one hour of hypnotherapy with Diana and 95% of her patients completely overcome their smoking and unhealthy eating urges, while the remainder needed additional sessions before following suit.

What makes these programs so effective?

The unique approach developed by Diana combines advanced hypnotherapy with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which increases the effectiveness tenfold. She also avoids the side effects by helping your mind to transfer the pleasures gained by smoking, eating, drinking etc. to a healthier habit of your choice – the primary factor being how strong your desire is to quit and the motivation behind your habit.

To quit your addictions, real and lasting cures for confidence or anxiety issues, phobias, Hypnobirth (hypnotherapy for easier childbirth), or are simply looking to improve your life, book an appointment or make an enquiry here.