Jerky is not a new source of protein that has been discovered recently. The practice of manufacturing jerkies dates back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. In order to produce a jerky, the meat is dried thoroughly to remove the moisture content which prevents spoilage by preventing the growth of bacteria. Jerky is much favoured by trekkers and hikers because there is no need to refrigerate it which makes it a portable snack. Jerky is also a rich source of various nutrients. The modern companies employ a host of processes and packaging techniques for making jerkies before the customer can see the jerky for sale board outside a store.

Source of jerky

Jerky is essentially a strip of meat that is devoid of fat and is dry. Salt is also added to act as a preservative. Jerky is produced using the meat of cow, goat, pig and many other domesticated animals. Animals such as kangaroo, bison, horse, camel, ostrich, turkey and many other wild animals have also been used to manufacture jerky. Beef jerky is the most widely available and popular jerky. USA and Canada are the leading producers of jerky.

Modern Methods

The most important aspect of preparing jerky is the removal of moisture. The manufacturers employ large ovens to drastically lower the moisture level of the meat. This method dries the meat easily within a short period of time. Fat is removed prior to the drying procedure. Preservatives such as sodium nitrite may also be added in addition to salt.

The jerky is vacuum packed in plastic bags. Oxygen scavengers can also be used in the packing in order to eliminate oxygen from the package and protect the jerky from oxidation.

E-Retailers of jerky

Jerky, like so many other commodities, is also available in the online stores. There is no dearth of jerky for sale advertisements by various online stores with different offers and prices. Homemade and organic jerkies are also being marketed online. This is convenient for the consumers since they are exposed to a huge variety of quality jerkies virtually at the click of a mouse.