At some point, practically everyone will experience an injury or illness. Even the most fortunate people are going to age. For some people, aging or illness could result in a need for increased care. That more specialised care can only be provided by a nursing home. Though no one wants nursing homes to be a first choice, they’re still a necessary institution. Sadly, not all of them are operating in good faith. A small minority of nursing homes are actually organisations that do not have you or your loved one’s best interests at heart. Some of them are nursing homes that simply do not have the necessary budget to provide quality service to your loved ones even though they have the best of intentions. Others are not so well-intentioned; those are the organisations that employ staff that are not properly trained or vetted for the work they do. If employees are not trained in providing quality care and if they’re not monitored closely, they could harm you or your loved ones. Because of the regrettable prevalence of nursing homes acting in bad faith, the UK government formed the Healthcare Commission to monitor healthcare providers. In 2009, that was adapted to be the Care Quality Commission.

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is actually the combination of the Healthcare Commission, the Commission for Social Care Inspection, and The Mental Health Act Commission. By combining all three organisations, the commission is capable of investigating and evaluating every aspect of a healthcare provider’s quality of care. Healthcare, social care, and mental health care are often all concerns that are sometimes hard to distinguish from one another in a nursing home atmosphere. When you are looking for residential nursing homes in the UK, look for those that have been reviewed by the Care Quality Commission.

Where to Find Certified Nursing Homes

Finding a nursing home certified by the Care Quality Commission is easier than ever before. You should consult a nursing home directory that covers much of the UK. They will serve as a catalogue of thousands of different nursing homes and their reviews by the CQC. Furthermore, the very best directories allow nursing home residents or loved ones of residents to write reviews of the service. These reviews are generally very trustworthy. When someone who works for the nursing home writes a review of the nursing home, you should be sceptical. However, the actual residents and loved ones of residents have no incentive to lie. If they offer a positive review of a healthcare provider, you can generally assume that they’re telling the truth.

Finding a quality nursing home in the UK can be difficult; you might not know which nursing home to trust or even what to look for in a home. When you consult with a quality nursing home directory, you are given the opportunity to review nursing homes. You will have a directory of different specialties of each nursing home, their various facilities, and reviews from residents. That’s the kind of information that will empower you to make an informed decision.