There has been a great deal of research into the links that can be drawn between cannabis use and relieving the symptoms of some anxiety disorders. Many believe that simply by exercising and improving your fitness, the symptoms of anxiety can be relieved. Research has proved difficult due to various patients experiencing different results from using certain strains compared to others. There are some patients who after just a couple of puffs of a particular strain, break out into a fit of worry and stress, which only exacerbates their symptoms. This reaction is in part due to some strains possessing a high level of THC, which is the psychoactive element of cannabis. Because of this, there have been many strains specially designed for anxiety which comes with low THC levels with high CBD levels.

My recommendation would be to choose a strain which recognizes your sensitivity and tolerance to THC, whilst completing a regular exercise program. Some high THC strains could help, but it is important to be careful. Below we discuss some of the best strains for anxiety to help you choose the right strain for you.

OG Kush Cannabis Strain

OG Kush is one of the most popular strains for anxiety. It is generally recognized as a hybrid, and it can either be a Sativa or Indica depending on how it is made. Many believe it takes influences from the Chemdawg strain. It is important to note that OG Kush is quite strong, and has relatively high THC levels (27%). As discussed above, do not use this strain if you have a low THC tolerance. Reviews have shown that it has a satisfying combo of citrus and cedar, which many find incredibly pleasant. The effects it produces varies from user to user, but many find it leads to euphoria, which could help fight off feelings of anxiety. As such, experts believe OG Kush is a happiness increasing strain and is recommended as such. Because it has a slight body numbing effect, it is recommended that you only use this strain at night, so you can relax after use. There are some negative side effects to take into account such as dry mouth and eyes. There is a chance of increased paranoia. If you find this after your first use, we’d recommend not to use it again. OG Kush can also be used as anti-depressive, aswell as playing an important part in bipolar disorders. Experts believe OG Kush can “level the ship” when a user is feeling particularly stressed.

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

It is fact that the majority of anxiety sufferers prefer to use Indicas as opposed to Sativas, since the Indicas appear to relax the user rather than supercharge the mind. Because of this, the Indica “Granddaddy Purple” could be a good solution for those with generalized anxiety. Users found they were less tense after vaping this strain.

Cherry Pie Strain

Cherry Pie is a combination between Grand Daddy Purple and F1 Durban, and because of this, it produces similar effects to Granddaddy Purple. From various reviews, users have found that they feel more relaxed and happy as a result of use. Some users also reported that they felt uplifted. This is certainly an interesting strain to consider.