Habit or Addiction discussion

People suffering from addiction don’t have control over the substance consumption. This behavior eventually reaches to a point where it becomes harmful to both mind and body. On the contrary to general belief addiction does not only mean consumption of drugs or alcohol. It might refers to gambling or chocolate consumption. To put it simply any substance dependence is called addiction. You might have the unyielding urge to consume prescribed drugs. If this continues and the craving grows with time, you should check with a therapist as this is a sign of addiction.

Dr. Curtis Cripe has been treating people with addiction for a long time. He has seen a lot of people in his life battling addiction. He has also seen people who have lost the battle with addiction and have completely ruined their lives. Addiction might seem like a simple problem. However, when untreated it can commence severe result.

Habit or Addiction discussion

So, what is the definition of an addictive personality? Who can be called addictive? Do you have any idea? Curtis Cripe says that you should be aware of it. In case you have the personality, you need to be careful about what you consume and what you don’t. You should create a limit about consumption.

Chracter Trait of Addictive People

They fail to control their urge to indulge in substance consumption. They cannot control the craving. In case, you have this problem, you must talk to a doctor or a therapist. Someone who has the experience of treating addicts will be able to tell you whether you need therapy or the condition can be dealt without that.

People with addictive personality are prone to anxiety and constant stress. They suffer from these to the extent that to deal with them they indulge in substance consumption. In case of anxiety you need to get help. Being worried is one thing, being worried all the time might lead to addiction.

One important thing you need to remember is having an addictive personality does not make anyone an addict. Dr. Curtis Cripe have said that both external and internal factors play together to make someone an addict. People who become dependent to substance like drugs or alcohol, need these substances to be alive. They need the environment to indulge into the substance.

The addicts act in this way because they feel helpless. This helplessness eventually leads to substance consumption as a way to escape. Now, the fact is what might cause this feeling of helplessness might be difficult to determine. It might be different for different people. Another important thing which Curtis Cripe ha pointed to is such a feeling always get accompanies by anger.

Lastly, you need to understand that addiction is not a physical ailment. With medication the internal damages can be treated, but not the mental damage. You need to treat it with proper care. A therapist will be able to help you get rid of addiction. However, it is important that you find someone with experience and knowledge of treating addicts.