Anger Management

In today’s world of scheduled lifestyles, people suffer from various types of emotional instabilities, and anger is one of them. Although it is a part of our sentiments, the problem arises when it grows out of control. However, there is a cure for everything, and that is the reason why countries like Singapore have made it to the top of the list on grounds of low anger rate.

Research has shown that Singapore tops the list of being the happiest nation. According to the reports by the UN, Singapore is the 26th happiest state among 156 countries in the world. In Asia, this small nation is the happiest place for the second time as per the second edition of the World Happiness Report.

If you are thinking of how a nation can maintain such consistency, the answer is simple, with the help of anger management in Singapore. It aims at controlling an individual in both emotional and physical arousal that results in anger or causes it. The anger management therapies in Singapore provides people with the professional assistance that helps them deal with their anger or rage and overcome it effortlessly.

What is Anger Management?

People know anger is a normal part of the emotion and a sign of good health while for others, it stands as full-fledged rage. Agitation can be defined as a part of the anxiety that happens in response to threat or provocation. If there is an urge to respond in a certain threatening way, it is when anger management extends support.

Singaporeans are aware of the need for seeking professional assistance and supervision during emotional struggles. Being aware of emotional needs, people become more attentive to the ones suffering. They seek help from therapists as soon as they realise the need.

Here is how anger management in Singapore works by sticking to the following ways-

Cognitive behavioural therapy

This can be defined as an organised therapy approach which is based on ideas such as how you think, feel, act or interact. It helps to identify the person’s rage-triggers which he/she often experiences. Based on this analysis, the therapist and his client work together to check and change those thoughts and emotions related to the situations.


It is one of the easiest and most convenient options that help Singaporeans refrain from any type of emotional upset. Moreover, relaxation doesn’t even require any professional advice; everyone knows this technique works to stay calm. In anger management in Singapore, relaxation techniques include deep breathing to calm the nerves down.

Stress Management

This process is one of the few things that many people lack. In stress management, the individual in Singapore is trained on how to be proactive to cope up with any demanding situations.

Communication or interactive approach

Once you can express yourself freely, more than half of the problems are resolved. Communication is the key to comfort and losing it might lead you to uncertain situations. Also, better communication minimises the chance of a rising conflict between two or more people. Hence, it is an important part of anger management therapy in Singapore.

In addition to the above, people should consider meditation, self-awareness programs, personal reflection, etc. as part of their therapy. However, before you truly decide to visit a therapist, you must know about the various types of anger and the ones you should not ignore.

To conclude, it can be said that a happy nation cannot be achieved in a day. With a consistent approach to mental health and wellness programs in Singapore, people work hard to combat anger. Also, considering help from government programs of mental health and services offered by private counselling centers like Incontact will help achieve better results.