Personal Preference

Masturbation is the act of pleasuring oneself through the stimulation of the genitals. It is a completely natural act and is commonly engaged in by both men and women. Though there are tons of myths, horror tales and false facts surrounding the act, the truth is that the act of masturbation actually has a ton of benefits, from relieving stress, to helping better one’s sexual relations.

Besides the suggested health benefits like stress relief and better sleep, masturbation can help you greatly with coming to terms with your own sexuality, as well as help guide your sexual relationship with your partner to a more healthy and mutually beneficial place.

If you wish to discuss masturbation and masturbation habits with a professional, we recommend looking into these Best sexologist in Karachi, if you reside in the area. If not, you can look up an online directory for one that’s closest to you. Sexuality shouldn’t be cast aside, as it makes up a large part of human nature.

Masturbation for Men

Masturbating for men is generally easier than for women, and just requires one’s hands and for them to be erect. Long enough stimulation of the genitals will lead to ejaculation and orgasm, which can be great for stress-relief, and aiding in recovering focus.

However, this need not be the only means of masturbation. A lot of men have taken further steps to enhance their self-pleasure, either by using special products or by targeting other parts of the body for greater stimulation.

In the case of special products, one common item is lubrication. This can either be generic hand lotion, or can even be special lubrication meant specifically for masturbating. Other products include toys that mimic female genitalia or simply stimulate the penis in a greater capacity.

Though such products are nothing to be ashamed of, if you aren’t comfortable with using them, there are other things you can try. However, depending on your culture environment there might be some stigma against this. A major erogenous zone of the male body is the prostate. Stimulation of the prostate during masturbation can result in very strong orgasms. You can reach the prostate through the anus.

Masturbation for Women

Depending on where you are, female masturbation can have varying degrees of acceptance. Female sexuality is very much suppressed in various parts of the world. However, studies have shown that exploring one’s sexuality can lead to a ton of benefits, as we’ve already said, and suppression of sexuality just results in the loss of these.

Women masturbate by stimulating the area around the clitoris and vagina, but pleasuring oneself is more than that. There are other erogenous zones besides these, including the thighs, nipples and neck, which can greatly enhance self-pleasure when targeted.

On top of that, self-pleasure is only as intense as your mood and thoughts, so let your mind wander, and try to lose yourself in the moment as much as possible. This can involve putting on certain music, reading erotic fiction or simply fantasising about someone you’re sexually interested in.

There are a wide variety of products for masturbation for women, so don’t be afraid to explore those and what they might be able to do for your personal pleasure.

Closing Words

Masturbation is a very personal and freeing act that can help in a variety of ways, so we shouldn’t be afraid of exploring it as much as possible.

If you wish to learn more about it, we recommend consulting a professional, like a Sexologist in Lahore, if it is convenient.