There have been several claims by representatives and distributors of Isagenix products, of getting pretty rich through the business. According to the company’s review as of December 31, 2012, a total of 75 associates had attained the “Isagenix Millionaire status”- meaning they have made more than a million dollars cumulatively since becoming a distributor. Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company- a pyramid or network of marketers where they are compensated for the sales they make as well as the sales of marketers they introduce to the business (sounds like double profit).  Isagenix products are focused on improving health and general body fitness- which is quite trendy. A large number of Isagenix marketers are people who were or are still actively in the use of the product and fortunately got impressive results. The multi-level marketing platform on which Isagenix is built allows unrestricted influx of marketers. All that is required is convincing people to buy the product, make profit and gain extra commission on the amount of sales.

Strategy of the business

The distributors are allowed to purchase the products at a wholesale price and sell to customers elsewhere for a profit. In order to get the benefits of the wholesale price, a potential distributor will have to subscribe to an associate account. This subscription costs about $40 per annum. After the confirmation of the payment, an access code to purchase products at wholesale price is given to the new associate. The new member is charged not only with the responsibility of selling the products but also recruiting people to build a sale team. The progress of the sale team determines the upgrade to the next membership level.  Each membership level comes with benefits and the higher a marketer climbs, the more the benefits. To attain the highest level of membership known as “Director”, more than 10 active members must be introduced to the business. So in a nutshell, you earn money from selling the products, recruiting additional members, membership level bonuses and sales team bonus.

However, the pay plan is a binary compensation plan. This means you have to create two different teams – left and right teams. You are expected to split recruits into each team as they join. In order to receive team bonuses, you need to reach the “Cycle”. The Cycle is a rank whereby you get 600 binary volume (BV) on one team and 300 on the other. The points accumulate from the sales of products because each Isagenix item has a point status.  Therefore, Isagenix business is not a rapid or magical get-rich system. It takes a lot of time to build and also a lot of hard work. The progress of a distributor also depends on the retainment or consistence of customers. Once the product fails to deliver the expected efficacy, customers quit and you need to search for more to replace the lost ones.

In summary, Isagenix business is actually profitable but it is much harder than what people envisage. It requires a lot of sourcing, dedication of time and perseverance to get cool rewards.