Are you experiencing prolonged pain in your knee? Do you suffer any kind of stiffness or having problem with mobility that is stopping you to do your daily chores? You have been taking physiotherapy sessions and still you are having pain? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then you might be facing knee issues and you might have to get a knee replacement surgery as soon as possible.

Knee replacement in India is a very common procedure that has cured thousands of patients suffering from knee problems. You might have tried all non-surgical methods to cure the pain like taking medications, exercises or taking physiotherapy sessions, but have failed to get any relief from the pain. A knee replacement surgery can benefit you big time in this case.

Reasons for knee problem

There could be variety of reasons as to why you are suffering from knee pain. Some of the top listed reasons would be arthritis, genetic disorder, development abnormalities, any kind of injury suffered in the past and obesity. Patients suffering from knee problems usually have issues in climbing stairs, walking, sitting and getting up. These reasons can lead to knee problems which can be cured by a simple knee replacement surgery.


Knee replacement surgery, also known as arthroplasty, is done to remove severely damaged knee joints. During the surgery, the surgeon would replace the damaged joints with an artificial joint made of metal alloys or high grade polymers and plastics. In the early days of knee surgery, the artificial joints were little better than the hinges. But today, with advent in medical field, doctors have huge variety of designs to choose from depending on the weight, age, mobility frequency and overall health. These joints are responsible to perform same function as your normal joints.

Preparing for the surgery

After consulting the doctors, if they are convinced that you are a perfect candidate for knee replacement, they would perform series of medical test and examine you current range of mobility, overall health and strength. X-Rays are a good way to determine the extent of joint damage.

As a patient you would need to stop any kind of supplement or medications you have been taking and would ask you not to eat anything before and immediately after the surgery.

Plan your recovery in advance

Though knee replacement surgery in India can be done by both invasive and non-invasive methods, yet at least for the first few weeks you might need a support to walk. Hire a medical attendant, if possible for helping you back home with everyday tasks like bathing, cooking etc.

You might need to install some security bars in your bathroom for support and handrails on stairways. You can use a high rise toilet seat for washroom purpose if you have a low toilet. Get a seat with cushion under and behind, also a footstool to rest your leg. Remove all walking hazards from your home so that you don’t face any injuries.