Drug Rehabs

With social assistance, we make contact with family members, being the family’s link with the clinic, providing individual, group and family care, supporting family members and receiving letters. Also part of the work of social workers is the organization and planning of collective, assisted and family visits.

Physical activity is an important ally in the treatment of various pathologies, for direct effects, such as reduced body fat and cholesterol levels and cardiorespiratory improvement, or indirect, such as improved self-esteem and feeling good. With the rehab for drugs this is essential.

Being a drug addict

Thus, specifically in drug-related health problems, physical exercise stimulates the release of neurotrophic substances, providing functional improvement of the nervous system and even feelings of pleasure and relaxation, positively interfering in the treatment of addiction.

  • In these activities, physical exercise is proposed as a protagonist in the treatment of drug addiction, complementing traditional psychotherapeutic and pharmacological approaches.
  • It is important to stress that physical activity reduces neurochemical alterations, desire and compulsion to use (cleft), mood and cognitive disorders, as well as stress levels and difficulties for social and affective relationships resulting from the use of drugs.

With the participation of counseling groups and spirituality meetings, the addict can talk to people who have been through the same addiction, get up and learn about similar experiences. This helps you realize that you are not alone and shows you possibilities that you might not know.

In some cases, some users may manifest effects such as depression or anxiety during detoxification processes, a factor that may demotivate them and, consequently, reduce the effectiveness of treatment. Thus, the purpose of the groups mentioned above is to offer help in identifying the causes of psychic complications, precisely to apply the proper procedures to the recovery of the user.

The Quality

A quality-compromised clinic enables therapeutic detoxification activities in conjunction with substance abuse counseling, enhancing the effectiveness of therapy.

The combination of all the activities so far has served and contributed greatly to addicts reflecting on the lifestyle they was having prior to drug addiction. The main intention is to show that there is the possibility of changing life, provided that there is a change in habits.

Not assuming that drug addiction is an addiction and that it is necessary to ask for help is a characteristic fact of most people who are going through the sad situation of addiction.

In some cases, the addict may even assume that your habits are damaging your life, but at the same time, you believe you can stop your addiction at any time without the help of your family, let alone a family.

Expert team

Today’s post is aimed at you, a family member, friend or partner of a drug addict who is currently destroying his or her life and yet does not accept your help. Stay with us until the end and see tips on how to act to help your loved one.