Almost a library of book was already written and thousands of blogs are being published across the internet accepting and rejecting the effectiveness of activated carbon, better known as charcoal. Activated carbon is consistently used as a filtration process in aquaria. However, the presence of myths and misunderstanding revolve around it often misguide people.

Believing upon the myths people oftentimes use it to serve varied purposes which are not supposed to be achieved by it. At the end, they become highly disappointed when they cannot find anticipated result. This article would illumine the actual outcome of using activated carbon powder.

How Does Activated Carbon Help To Clean Aquarium?

Carbon is effective in removing a range of substances of the aquarium water like dissolved organic molecules. This one is prime reason that people use charcoal in most of the home based aquaria and also in the larger one. It also helps to remove residual medications and detox the water. Antibiotics and dyes that are commonly used to treat the fish and water can be also removed by activated carbon powder.

Use of Charcoal in austerlia

Activated carbon removes the contaminants through two methods – catalytic reduction and adsorption. The organic molecules are eradicated through adsorption. On the other hand contaminants are removed through catalytic reduction. You will be surprised to know that few heavy metals can be also eliminated from the water of the aquarium of your home. However, the volume entirely depends upon the solubility of the specific metal at the pH of the water.

Last Word

Observing it multifaceted beneficial nowadays most of the aquarists of Australia use activated carbon as a necessary component to detox and filter water. The large surface area of the activated charcoal helps it to adsorb vast volume of material thus whenever you want to remove pollutants at a large scale from water and air you can take this product into account. With time several advanced filtration processes are being introduced in the market of Australia but still charcoal is considered as the most cost-efficient yet highly efficient solution. However, while buying check the quality of the product to gain the projected result.