Skin problems are common for people in specific areas and specific seasons. One of the painful conditions of skin is known as Acne. Acne Vulgaris which is popularly known simply as acne is a long-term skin disease. This mainly happens when you have oily skin, and there is a deposition of oil along with dead skin cells and hair follicles in an area. Acne is often characterized or accompanied by blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and also leaves longtime scars on the skin. The main reason for the occurring of Acne is definitely genetics that is it is more occurring in case you have oily skin. The medical science has got some of the effective solutions in the form of creams, serums, and medicines but they are equally known for their side effects too. In such situation for an individual, there are some effective home remedies that can help counter the acne.

Also, dietary habits can be one of the reasons along with hormonal imbalances in your body. Generally, you are more prone to get acne on your skin during puberty. This is true both in case of girls and boys. Now how to get rid of acne? Because while in some people the pores go away, in some they are relatively permanent. One of the easiest home remedies to get rid of acne is using tea tree oil. Some of such effective remedies are provided here that one can try and get the best results in a limited period also.

Three Ways to use tea tree oil:

This oil is also known as one of the effective remedies that can be used at home to treat acne and other skin diseases naturally. This is because of the antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities of the tea tree oil. Also, it is in itself good for your skin. But how to apply the same to the acne? Here are some ways:

  • The simplest way to use the tea tree oil is to make a solution with water. Use one part of tea tree oil with nine parts of water and dab it on the acne with cotton. Leave it for twenty to twenty-five minutes and wash it. Repeat the process for best results.
  • Tea tree oil is the best way to dry out your skin, therefore, balancing out the presence of the oil. But do not overuse Now you can use a few drops of tea tree oil with twenty to thirty drops of hazel and dab it on the acne and then clean it with cold water. Repeat the process to see the difference.
  • You can also make a diluted solution of this oil with honey and apply it to the acne area. Dab a cotton ball to it and apply the mix. Leave it for fifteen minutes. Then wash it with cold water.

Be sure that the lotion is applied after washing wash up the tea tree oil. This is because the oil dries up the skin and the pores are left exposed. You medicated lotion to keep the skin hydrated.