The pink city Jaipur is famous for the most adorable tourism destination for the establishment of the palace beauty and the royal style of infrastructure at every corner of the city walls. Nowadays people from both the India and foreign countries are affected by the hair loss problems and the reason is not just genetic, it’s also due to the effect and behaviour of the external stimuli that perversely affected our daily life results in the severe hair loss/baldness problem. The procedure of hair transplant involves the shifting of hair roots from the donor portion to the no hair portion and an individual gets back their own natural hair on the cost of the availability of their own donor area hair. There is neither side effect, nor any kind of discomfort if the expert hair transplant Surgeon does the surgery. These days, the hair transplant in Jaipur is becoming very popular due to the availability of the expert Surgeon and skilled hand of the reputed and recognized surgeon can assure you about the result of the procedure. Since the hair restoration procedure is a core chapter of the cosmetic surgery needs extra care and attention from the Surgeon side and involves a great aesthetic skill that decides the success of the procedure.

Why is the Aesthetic Skill necessary for the Hair Restoration Treatment?

It is the aesthetic skills and sense that decides the Surgeon expertise and their quality of performing the procedure with an utmost satisfactory result. The aesthetic skill is needed at each step of the hair restoration procedure and it is the aesthetic quality that tells about the hairline placement efficacy and the re-grown result of the transplanted hair that can be seen after several months of the procedure.

The hair transplant is both an art and science and we can say that it is more art than a scientific procedure as the surgery requires the specific set of practical knowledge regarding the extraction, putting the hairline design, formation of slitting and finally, the placement of grafts on the recipient zone.

The Aesthetic Skills can be seen through the following terms of the restoration procedure:

Formation of Slit on the Recipient Areas

To make the slitting for the graft placement is one of the artistic skills of the surgeon. The placement and growth of the grafts as per the individual’s natural fashion are all determined by the slitting direction that gives the space for the graft growth. The slitting formation should be done in a zigzag fashion so that the graft will achieve the irregular pattern of growth to give you a natural result of the transplantation.

Placement of the Graft

The placement of the graft is all about the aesthetic appeal, which surgeon should possess to offer the best outcome of the procedure. The placement success all depends on the Surgeon’s quality work that explains, “How efficiently they perform the hair transplant procedure?” It is completely an artistic skill and Surgeon must know this fact that they will always follow the irregular pattern of the hair growth. The design of the placement offers you the result of the procedure and satisfactory and naturally, if done by the best hair transplant Doctor.

Why is Pink City, Jaipur a famous & recognized place for the Hair Transplant?

Well, India is a reputed place for the hair transplant treatment, as the Indian Surgeons are highly qualified and their bilingual ability makes them ease to deal with the foreign patients too. Firstly, the cost of hair restoration in India is less, and facilities of quality care and services which a patient gets are of top quality. Jaipur is the top most famous destination for the hair restoration procedure due to the establishment of reputed & recognized clinics in this pink city which is run by the World’s topmost hair transplant Surgeon. The cost of the procedure in India is about one-fourth of the cost of the first world countries like the USA, the UK & Europe that is a turn-on factor for the foreign clients.


In the nutshell, we can say that the Jaipur has the dual tourist interest both in terms of regular as well as the medical tourism that attracts our foreign clients to come and join the city to get the best cosmetic treatment over there. The expert and skilled Surgeon of Jaipur, who made this city a recognized and a reputed place for the hair transplant procedure by giving the most aesthetic effect of the procedure at an Indian cost.