The Phase of belly button pop

The phase of pregnancy for a woman induces a lot of important changes in their mental, physical and last but not the least their chemical composition. The changes are very much necessary to survive through the gestation phase. One of the most visible effects of pregnancy is the belly button of pregnant woman. During pregnancy at a particular time interval, the belly of the woman pops out. This is a very common phenomenon and also called as “outie”. The phenomena are very important and it is effective is stating that the baby is growing well inside the mother’s womb. The popping out of the belly mainly depends on the growth rate of the baby. For some, it may start on 10th week and for some, it may occur during the ending phase.

Why the phenomena of popping happen

As gestational period passes by every mother has the question that why does belly button pop out during pregnancy? The growth happens in the size as well as in the growth of the internal organs. So to accommodate the growing baby the growing belly pushes the skin in the outward direction. Thus, it leads to a proper popped out belly along with the naval region. The second trimester is the time period when all of this generally starts. The shape of the protruding naval can be different for every woman. The “outie” refers to the convexity in the shape. Thus belly button popping effectively increases the space of the of the belly region so that during the rapid growth of the baby no resistance is offered and the whole process is carried out in a smooth way.

Whether to worry or not?

Popped out naval or the belly region perfectly fine in a pregnant condition. Each and every woman experience this phenomenon at specific times. The expanding belly during pregnancy increases pressure in the abdominal area. Although the phenomena is very good to have during pregnancy, it might cause a serious problem like an umbilical hernia. A Hernia is characterized by the pain or irritation in the naval region and the tissues present over there. However, the best and the most beautiful part of this problem is that the damaging tissues start building itself and get healed on their own. The baby also sends stem with the help of umbilical cord to mend the damaged cells.

How to react to the condition of an umbilical hernia

Umbilical hernia can cause serious pain in the abdominal region of the mother. however, it is suggested by the doctors to it cure itself as attempting any of the medical procedures in regard to it might cause a lot of problem for the mother, especially for the baby. Although surgical repair is needed when the condition worsens. The condition like incarcerated hernia needs proper surgical repair. The problem in the naval region is rare, however, any changes like if a woman feels tenderness in her naval area, medical advice should be taken immediately.

Revealing the gender

Characteristics of the popping belly are also capable of revealing the gender of the child which many woman practice by their own personal choice.