No one likes the pain and discomfort associated with heartburn. After all, it not only burns and hurts, but it also produces a heavy, uncomfortable feeling in the chest area. To make things worse, heartburn pain can last for a long time, from several hours to almost all day long. This is a long time to be in severe pain, but fortunately there are numerous products on the market that will quickly eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with heartburn. All medications, however, are not alike, so it is important to research them before choosing the one that is right for you.

What Is Heartburn?

People get heartburn when stomach gases – which are perfectly normal for digestive purposes – get trapped into the oesophagus, which connects the throat and stomach, instead of going into the stomach. The oesophagus does not have the same protective coating that the stomach does, so when gas gets trapped there, the result is widespread pain that can occur not only in the upper chest, but even upwards in the neck region. It is a deep pain that is difficult to explain to anyone who has never experienced it, and the only thing you want at that point is your pain to go away – fast.

At one point, the only alternative to eliminating heartburn pain was a variety of over the counter antacids, which work by neutralising stomach acid and making it less acidic. This option, however, often took a long time to work, and it produced only short-term results. Therefore, you had to keep taking the antacids in order to keep your heartburn at bay. This is not a convenient option, particularly with today’s busy lifestyles.

Alternatives to Antacids

Nowadays, heartburn relief is as simple as taking a pill, as there are numerous companies that make products that work fast and keep pain away a long time. As opposed to antacids, which simply neutralise acid and stomach gases, these heartburn medications control the production of stomach acids in your system, and then reduce their concentration and volume. This means there is less stomach acid going into the oesophagus in the first place, and it produces comfort and relief in a shorter period of time than antacids do.

Heartburn medication usually works in 30 minutes or less, and there are even options available that include 12-hour and 24-hour relief from heartburn. Once you feel acid indigestion or heartburn pain, you can now take a pill and relieve your heartburn for up to 24 hours. This is especially helpful if you experience heartburn pain at night, since it gives you relief that will last all night long.

Finding the Right Heartburn Medication

Heartburn medication is available in stores such as supermarkets and pharmacies, and usually comes in packs of seven, 14 or 28 tablets. It is reasonably priced, so if you have frequent heartburn, it is a good idea to keep it on-hand at all times. These days, heartburn medication is available over the counter, inexpensive and long lasting. When it comes to heartburn pain, you just can’t beat that.