Winstrol is one of the most popular steroids that is also known as stanozolol and is used by the athletes. This is most commonly used in its injectable form, as it is believed that it produces useful results. This is equally popular among the women athletes. This is loved by the women culture lover, as it produces low androgenic effects, as compared to other steroids available in the market. The androgenic effects associated to it include the hair loss or deepening of voice.

The winstrol is popular among women because of its two features, including the reduction in fat as well as giving more lean body mass. These are identified as male enhancers in women. This is believed that the women must use low dosage, so as to get best results. There are some winstrol effetti sessuali on men and women. The winstrol leads to an immediate decrease in the production of the male hormone testosterone. As a result to this, the individuals are recommended to take testosterone supplements during their winstrol cycle. The individuals interested in bulking up their muscles can stack winstrol with Deca Durabolin, so as to get faster results.

The stanozolol with its action upsets the natural balance of the hormone. This may also cause manifestation of acne. If an individual is prone to male pattern baldness, he may also spur to it. The winstrol also has an effect on the cardiovascular system, but is not positive. If the athletes are not interested in tracking the drug, then it is not helpful in his cardiovascular system. This may hurt, if taken for a longer period of time and in higher doses. This can also increase the levels of cholesterol. This is a factor in the likelihood of heart diseases.

The androgen bonding of the winstrol may cause the body of an individual to produce high amount of lipid, which causes vasoconstriction. The intake of winstrol may also lead to the incr5ease in the number of the red blood cells in the body. This will not translate to its cardiovascular performance. The effects of winstrol on the heart are potentially dangerous. The stanozolol is most commonly used by the women athletes, because of its lower androgenic effects. This steroid has great reputation among its users as a fat burner. The women are also prone to the same effects like men unlike its side effects.

The most serious winstrol effetti sessuali is that it manifests male secondary characteristics at any dosage. The use of the winstrol may also leads to a decrease in the sperm count in males. Some of the women use it as a birth control pill. This has an impact on their sex related hormones, as a result to which they may experience interrupted menstrual cycles. The effects of the winstrol, as a birth control pill are not certain. This is because of the lacking research on the subject. The side effects of the winstrol are too great to be considered by the medical community. This is helpful in making improvement in the performance of an athlete.