How To Build Muscle With PR Lifting

Whether you’re new to powerlifting or have been competing for years, there is something for everyone at PR Lifting. Their commitment to customer service, training knowledge, and performance equipment is appreciated able. PR Lifting is a store for high-quality, well-constructed weightlifting equipment and highly personalized service. 

This equipment is extremely affordable and offers great quality at an even better price. PR Lifting ensures that all their products are up to the highest standards. If you have been looking for a new home gym or a solid addition to your current home gym, have a hard time fitting your training into your busy schedule, or just want to reach your fitness goals then PR Lifting is for you! PR Lifting is the Northwest foundation of weightlifting equipment. 

What is PR?

PR means a personal record, Personal record in weightlifting and body building. The heaviest weight lifted or a number of repetitions performed for a given lift. It is standard for athletes to keep track of their PRs to help determine progress and set new goals.

What does PR lifting offer? 

PR Lifting is a Washington-based distributor of weightlifting and general fitness equipment, and they carry a wide range of products to meet the needs of all types of customers. From bumper plates to weight bars to squat racks, PR Lifting has you covered. Plus, with reliable shipping and excellent customer service on top of it, you’re sure to be satisfied with your purchase. Best of all, PR Lifting makes these products affordable for people from all walks of life—in fact, that was their goal in gaining a foothold in the market.  All in all, PR Lifting is definitely worth checking out when you’re looking for quality products at great prices. They offer squat racks, weightlifting bars, bumper plates, kettlebells, and performance training equipment in the northwest. PR Lifting will have the gear you need for the gym.

What is the motive of the PR lifting? 

PR Lifting has played a very significant role in the CrossFit scene in the northwest over the past year. It’s clear that PR Lifting is a company that is passionate about honoring its local CrossFit community in a variety of ways. PR proudly supports local athletes, professional and amateur. They support Cross Fitters and weightlifters from all over the northwest. In fact, they support the concept of fitness. 

Off- days of PR lifting 

PR lifting has a very long weekend. PR lifting has a very long weekend. They off their distribution 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. And their operating timing is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, except Sunday. On Sunday they open their store at 10 am and close it at 2:00 pm.

Price chart of PR lifting

PR Lifting is well-known for the best selection and the least expensive pricing in Western Washington. If you want to get better quality for a great price, PR Lifting is the best place to go. PR Lifting has a huge discount on weight lifting equipment. They also have great customer support. They have a bigger inventory than you, which means that you can shop for your fitness equipment easier at PR Lifting than most other fitness vendors.

The Dragon Package$ 2,443.50
Men’s Bar & Garage Gym Bumper Plate Sets$ 525.00
Pr Competition Kettlebells$ 124.00
Powder Coat Kettlebell Set (4kg-32kg)$ 475.00
Rubber Hex Dumbbells (Sold In Pairs)$ 15.00
Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set (5-50 Lb)$ 799.00
Pr Wall Balls (Individual)$ 47.50
Pr Slam Balls$ 25.00
Color Garage Gym Bumper Plates ( Kg)$ 135.00
Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates$ 59.00
Pr Elite Plates (Lb)$ 20.00
Pr Change Plates (Kg)$ 229.00
Olympic Steel Plates Lb$ 7.50
Pr Elite Men’s Cross Training Bar$ 279.00
Pr Elite Women’s Cross Training Bar$ 259.00
Pr Men’s Wl Training Bar$ 339.00
Pr Women’s Wl Training Bar$ 329.00
Pr Men’s Wl Competition Bar$ 579.00
Pr Women’s Wl Competition Bar$ 399.00
Pr Max Power Bar$ 279.00
Pr Max Deadlift Bar$ 349.00
Pr Max Squat Bar$ 349.00
Pr Technique Bar$ 119.00
Pr Junior Bar$ 129.00
Commercial Curl Bar$ 89.00
Olympic Dumbbell Handle$ 55.00
Axle Bars$ 69.00
Multi-Grip Bars$ 149.00
Trap Bars, Hex$ 149.00
Open Trap Bar$ 169.00
Deluxe Open Hex Bar$ 229.00
Safety Squat Bar$ 209.00
Locking Collars$ 15.00
B1 Flat Bench$ 145.00
B2 Adjustable Bench$ 319.00
1.0 Adjustable Fid Bench$ 289.00
Basic Comp Flat Bench$ 175.00
Elite Adjustable Bench$ 499.00
Pr Power Rack$ 499.00
Deluxe Power Rack$ 999.00
Pr Basic Squat Rack$ 299.00
Pr Deluxe Squat Rack$ 499.00
Folding Wall Rack$ 399.00
Pr Basic Wall Rig$ 399.00
Dip Station Attachment$ 89.00
Weight Horns$ 50.00
Basic Pull Up Bar (Wall Mount)$ 109.00
Red Barn Rubber Flooring Mat$ 80.00
Jerk Block Set$ 220.00
Pr Lifting 3-In-1 Plyo Box$ 109.00
3-In-1 Foam Plyo Box$ 169.00
Stacking Foam Plyo Boxes$ 65.00
Ab Mat$ 21.50
Pr 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack$ 319.00
Pr Kettlebell Rack$ 219.00
Wall Mounted Plate Rack$ 139.00
Basic Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack$ 129.00
Pr Vertical Bar Holder$ 129.00
Pr Ghd$ 499.00
Pr Dog Sled$ 199.00
Battle Ropes$ 89.00
Climbing Rope$ 79.00
S-1 Speed Rope$ 19.00
Strength Bands$ 7.00
Gym Rings,With Straps$ 59.00
Gym Chalk$ 15.00
Foam Roller (13″)$ 19.00
Pr Lifting Sand Bags$ 69.00
Pr Lifting Strongman Sandbags$ 65.00
Weighted Vests$ 59.00
Pr Digital Timer$ 199.00
Landmine$ 129.99
Chalk Bowl Stand$ 119.00
Pr Lifting Sweatshirt$ 40.00
Lifting Straps$ 7.99
Pr Knee Wraps$ 17.00
Commercial Functional Trainer$ 2,299.00
Joren Test Item$ 15.00
Wall Ball Target$ 75.00
The Worm (4 Person Sand Bag)$ 799.00
Basic Women’s Cross-Training Bar$ 189.00
Basic Men’s Cross-Training Bar$ 189.00
Hd J-Cups (Pair)$ 65.00
Basic Power Bar$ 219.00
Pr Medicine Balls$ 20.00
Pr Heavy Duty Flat Bench$ 225.00
Men’s Cross Training Bar$ 229.00
Pr Women’s Cross Training Bar$ 219.00
Power Rack, Bar, Bumpers And Bench Package $ 1,499.00
Horizontal Bumper Plate Rack$ 139.00
Heavy Duty 3 Tier Bumper Plate Tree$ 205.00
Ultra Firm High Density Foam Roller$ 21.99
Powder Coat Kettlebells$ 19.50
Color Garage Gym Bumper Plates (Lb)$ 55.00
Pr Competition Bumper Plates (Kg)$ 999.00
Pr Lifting Competition Bumper Plates (Lb)$ 999.00
Pr Lifting Technique Bumper Plates$ 135.00
New Pr Lifting Elite Change Plates (Lb)$ 35.00
Pr Basic Squat Rack$ 299.00
Garage Gym Bumper Plates$ 50.00
Women’s Bar & Garage Gym Bumper Plate Sets$ 485.00
Calibrated Kg Steel Plates (Screen Printing Issues)$ 849.00
Men’s Bar & Crumb Rubber Bumper Plate Set$ 539.00


Thus, PR lifting has given us a reason to put itself in the field of weightlifting, such as bringing us muscle growth, improving strength, and increasing power. The tools we use are not too expensive. In order to improve the quality of PR lifting equipment so that all users feel comfortable using them and bring convenience for customers who want to buy weights for training equipment must be respected.